Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seat of the week!

Made by Dusty Harvey Leather. Riding on Warchild's geezer glide. Another rebuild after he totaled out a deer at 70.

Not sure how this fucker is even alive anymore really. Shot, blown up fighting the ragheads, totaled out a hippy VW van at 90, a deer at 70, and god knows what else., and only 30 years old.

And yes, that is a toilet seat with a leather duster under it. lmao


  1. That seat is fucking fantastic! Where do I get some of those Texas swazi support stickers from??

  2. Yeah, the seat fucking rocks. Sorry on the stickers though. They are Centro Chapter members only. I wanted some for myself as well. No can do, Bro. I can probably round up some other swag though.