Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Future biker

Just came across these pics on the old PC.

This past summer this kid comes strolling up with his West Coast Choppers bike.

Says to Big Mike, "I need some air and a 9/16 wrench." Mike points to the roll around and tells the kid "you know the rules, no tools outside the bay doors."

Kid walks over gets the wrench, straitens his goose neck and forks, piddles with the front tire, air, etc. Then puts up the tools he used and slapped a one dollar bill down on the work table and rode his bike out the shop and down the road.

I have seen him around town riding several times and then this was the third time I had seen him in the shop. So I asked Mike who the kid was, his reply? "I don't know who that little motherfucker is, but he pays me a dollar everytime he comes up here. And I almost got enough for a twelve pack!"