Monday, February 6, 2012

Allied bikes

We rode out to just outside of Azle this weekend to do some work for my ink guy, Michael T. on his rental property. We get done with the texture and primer, and decide it's time to burn one out in one of his garages on the property, and was surprised to see the treasures he had laying around.

Been remodeling a couple of his places for some upcoming ink work, but I might try to work in a deal on some of these goodies.


  1. That is some cool swag bro. That old car looks like a project waiting to happen, it looks cool. Those old beat down bikes look the bollocks, you need to get them. Is that an old Triumph or Beezer? That frame with the springer looks like it would make a cool bike. You could either rebuild, chop, swap or sell them. Either way you have come across a great stash dude. Let me know what you do?

  2. Yeah man, Triumphs. Going back out this coming weekend to shot some paint upstairs, so i am gonna hit him up then. I've been looking for a nice springer front end for a bit now, so i hope I can work something out on them.

  3. im diggin that pre unit triumph.
    cool stuff.