Monday, November 28, 2011

That time of year again!

Oh sticky green herb, I shall defeat you before the day is done. You will be reduced to ashes!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dinner is served

This is Hydro, one of our monitors. Awesome creatures that love to feast on everything from fish, rodent, and shrimp to rabbits and snakes.

And for those who aren't pussies, I will give you a quick idea of what it looks like when they eat.

Fucking Sic!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Swastika of the week

Happy Holidays

1948 Simplex

This was just dropped off for a full restoration. Should be a fun one to fuck with. Parts will be harder to find than an honest nigger, but at least it was running when it was parked 20 something years back. Been sitting in a small roadside bar forever.

A few shots from the dungeon

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

R.I.P. Lucifer

I got a call last night that my best friend Luci had been struck by a ford truck driven by my sainted mother. She was just pulling into the driveway when it happened. By the time I got to the Vet, she was already gone.

Was a long night. She was one of the best friends, and loyal dogs to ever walk this great state. Her and her sister just turned 6 years old on Halloween.

So right after dawn this morning we headed out to give her a semi proper burial.

Had to let sis have a few moments to say her goodbyes as well. They were from the same litter, and last night was her first night to ever sleep without Luci. She seems lost without her thus far.

Figured that just a simple box is more than many get when hit by a vehicle. So my little brother Tailgunner Tim and I decided to get stoned, drink beer, cook out and make a day of it.

Luci was a digger around the property, so what better place to plant her than a hole that she started herself.

So with a little help, her final bed was ready.

However, Dixie was not so ready. She jumped up on the make shift casket and sat there for almost a half an hour just looking sad.

R.I.P. Luci(fer) You shall be missed

Friday, November 11, 2011

In his image

Wild Turkey, weed, and my babies.

You got a better way to spend a Monday?

Fuck no you don't!

This is a few shots from a recent ride down to Sambo's right outside of Waco with Tailgunner Tim and Insane Dane. The weather was fucking awesome, the beer was cold, and the herb was sticky.

Just inside of Hill County, we found this abandoned silo a few years back. It has since been one of our regular stops for a beer, a piss, and to burn one.

Cold beer and sticky green.

Someone is really please with their hot sauce.

Time to get rid of lunch and hit the road.