Sunday, February 12, 2012

Frogs and booze

So the annual NARBC show was this weekend in Arlington, and some of my buds from way the fuck up north were down to peddle their wares and phibs. So I figured it would be a good day for drinking... but then again, what day's not? So after starting the day with some Kalua in coffee, I quickly switched to my Turkey and coke around 10:00am

Josh from Josh's Frogs, Jordan, and Novy from were all set up and moving frogs and geckos from their booth.

As soon as the show was over, it was time to do even more drinking, but this time at the bar. Jordan, this kid that's been in the frogging hobby for about ten years now, is 18, so he couldn't drink in the bar, but said he was fucking excited to be able to go into a bar and smoke a cigarette. It seems that up north they have a fuckton of faggy laws like not being able to carry a gun or even to smoke in a bar. What a fucking crock of horse shit. Oh and yeah... fucking helmet laws in most northern states.

So after getting that cig, it was time to shoot a little pool, and get our drink on....

Jordan and Tailgunner Tim

They damn sure make it easy for everyone to see who's a minor. lmao

Novy the hustler!

And so goes a day of frogging, smoking, and 15 hours of drinking.

Good times!

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