Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Been busy as fuck the past few weeks. The Dungeon has been swamped with work. Mike's been working on the blue prints for the pick up and the dragster.

Welding up some of Shorty's shit. The little munchkin is only about 4 foot tall in boots and tippy toes. So we took his 650 chop and niggered him up some new bars to fit his short ass. Then made him some mids that he could use. Before he could barely even touch the controls. New battery box and plate, chopped the pipes to give it a little more sound, relocated the kick stand, and rewired the lights.

Nothing worse than trying to make custom headers for a hot rod without having the god damned car on the property! So it's weld a bit, then send them back to have more parts marked, then back to cut and weld. Never ending circle. Good thing this fucker has some cash because this is way too much time on a set of fuckin headers.

Supposed to have the motor and tranny mocked up, and the front end on this frame by Friday. Just me on this one.

It was spring break for the kiddos this past week, so Randa came to work with me for most of the week. That kid fuckin loves everything about motorcycles. She thinks cause she gets to ride on back once in a while and that because she can ride a dirt bike that she is ready for the track. Made me promise that as soon as she is old enough that I will let her ride down the track.

So between having a bunch of work, getting a shit ton accomplished and getting to sped the week with the kiddo, I guess it turned out to be a pretty fuckin sweet week.

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  1. I too enjoy having my little squigglies in the workshop with me..my daughters like to help but I seldom get anything done when they are in and out of the workshop "trying" to help haha.. my boy does actually help from time to time, when I get get him off his fucking Xbox..