Sunday, March 25, 2012

62 Ford

So the frame for the 62 is coming along nicely now.

I worked on it all day yesterday. Set in the mock motor to see what needs done.

Marked up what needs to be cut out for the oil pan to sit in, and went to work.

Notched out for the pan, then set in some new pieces and got it all back together. Also did some work on the rear end as well.

Not the prettiest work, but it is coming along and will be stout as fuck.

The Dungeon ain't just for race bikes and rude Harleys though, while I was sweating my ass off like a nigger whore in a Southern Baptist church... Big Mike was doing some "gun smithing" for Walt. He needed his big .44 mag to be converted to a pocket model. So off with the barrel and grinding down the hammer.

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