Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The day started with Bacon and eggs with screwdrivers to drink. Then on the road for a day long ride through the Austin hill country with the guys.

A stop at the "Knot in The Loop"

Once home it was the usual gathering on the back porch. Neely on the guitar, the rest of us on the bottle. Drank and smoked til almost daylight. The usual weeknight for the Back Porch.

Neely and Baker Dawg

Short video of some of the ride. Music by 8 Ball Down. (Neely's band)


  1. The singer of 8 ball down sounds a lot like Bob Seger which is always cool

  2. Yeah, he gets that sometimes. They have a few CDs out now. Great Texas tunes.

    Lead singer is the dude in the chrome helmet, and Lenny is the bassist riding the yellow bike with his old lady on back.